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Flights in East Africa

East Africa has a very well developed network of internal flights operated by a few airlines. This makes it very easy to combine tours and safaris with daily departures and arrivals. In the wide open spaces of East Africa, traveling distances can be huge.  Flying rather than driving is the preferred transport method for discerning travelers, the choice often being one between a comfortable 45-minute flight and a bumpy 4- to 5-hour drive. Many safari operators offer convenient fly-in services.

Flights in Kenya

Kenya has a wide variety of tour destinations and locations which can be linked via local flights which ease or hasten the traveling from one location to another which could be separated by vast distances between them and also relieve you from a long road safari.

Flights in Tanzania

Many local companies operate charter and scheduled flights around the country, from large passenger flights to the Swahili Coast to chartered bush aircraft flying to isolated locations far in the hinterlands. Air travel is a reliable and efficient way to travel from place to place in the country, and it saves drastically on travel times. Schedules for flights are flexible, however, and can usually be adjusted to suit your itinerary.

Domestic carriers travel between Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Zanzibar and Mwanza, and charter flights connect local airports and smaller destinations. Flying to the Serengeti, Lake Manyara, Pangani, Pemba, Mafia Island, and other destinations is often the most practical way of getting there if you're pressed for time.

Please find a list of all the local flights which are available in Tanzania and select your local flight of choice.

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