Introduction To Mountain Climbing
Introduction to MT. Kilimanjaro Climbing Safaris - Tanzania

MT. Kilimanjaro Tanzania

Location: 3.07 S, 37.35 E
Elevation: 19,335.6ft (5,895m)

At 5,895m, Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest point on the continent, earning it the title "The Roof of Africa." Its snow-covered peaks have fascinated locals and visitors for years: from Ernest Hemingway, who called the mountain "as wide as all the world", to the local tribes, who call it Kilema Kyaro -- "that which cannot be conquered."

Mt. Kilimanjaro also draws hundreds of people to its grassy slopes each year, attracted by the possibility of climbing such a formidable mountain without the need for technical equipment. Kilimanjaro's peak, Kibo, is a giant crater, and reachable by anyone in fairly good shape.

At the base of the mountain is the Kilimanjaro National Park, a lush rainforest that is home to many animals including Cape buffalo, elephants, monkeys and leopards. As you ascend the mountain the greenery changes to low-lying grasses, heather and groundsels, and finally to the snowy glacier covering Kilimanjaro's peak. The best time to climb the mountain are the drier months of January, February and September.

Although anyone who is reasonably fit can climb Kilimanjaro, you must train before your trip, be prepared by bringing the proper clothing and equipment and be aware of the possible health risks associated with climbing at such a high altitude.

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