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Kibiro Salt Producing Village
It is situated along the eastern shores of Lake Albert 1½ kms down the escarpment 9km from Kigorobya trading centre which is itself 22kms from Hoima town. Kibiro salt producing village is both a natural and archaeological site. A contemporary settlement and a fishing village exist whose population has depended on salt production using traditional knowledge and fishing on Lake Albert for over 900 years.

Nakaima Tree
This is situated on top of Mubende hill, 2km from Mubende town. Nakaima was the wife of Ndahura the first Muchwezi King of the Empire of Kitara. When the Bachwezi disappeared and became revered through the Bachwezi cult, the spirit of Nakaima became her husband’s medium.  The site is a very active shrine and is visited throughout the year.

Ntusi and Bigo Bya Mugenyi
These are located in the west of Masaka town. Ntusi and Bigo Byamugenyi date 11th and 13th centuries respectively and are associated with the legendary Bachwezi. The features here include the man made mounds, the basin and trenches connected to each other by cause ways. The other related sites with trenches include Kasonko 15 kilometers to the north of Bigo, Munsa za Kateboha and Kibengo both in Kibale district.

Nsongezi Rock Shelter
Found along the Kagera River in Isingiro district, this is a Stone Age site. Near it is the Kanshyorey Island in the Kagera River whose pottery date to the early Iron Age.

Nyero Rock Paintings
Nyero rock paintings are 8 km west of Kumi town on the Ngora Road in Eastern Uganda. It is an early Iron Age site and the rock paintings are found in three rock shelters. Some of the paintings represent animals, concentric circles and canoes. There are similar rock paintings in Kaberamaido, Karamoja, Pallisa, Ngora and Dolwe Island in Lake Victoria.

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