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This exotic island is famous for its long stretches of beach, rich Swahili culture and architecture and a laid back, relaxed pace of life. Zanzibar hosts various beach hotels and resorts along its beaches as well as in Stone Town, the historic town which has several interesting places one could explore such as the Old Fort, Home of Wonders, Palace Museum, and Old Stone Market.

The very name Zanzibar conjures up exotic and romantic images. There are two main islands making up Zanzibar: Unguja and Pemba. Zanzibar Town is on Unguja Island, which is generally referred to as "Zanzibar".

A jewel in tranquil coral waters of the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar is one of the world's most beautiful islands. From the shores, the great European explorers; Burton, Speke, Kraph, Reubman and Livingstone and set out on their voyages of discovery into the hinterland.

The narrow streets of the old Stone Town are just some of the vivid reminders of the island's long and colorful history. It's a fascinating place to wander around and get lost in.

After 1-2 nights in stone town with city & spice tours. Get married District Commissioners office. Thereafter transfer to East or North Coast for your honeymoon.

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